The SUPER MOON is here

The Supermoon is here, and what a show it is

The satellite was only 357.495 kilometres from us, against the usual 384 thousand: the dimensions were equal to 7% more than the norm

The Supermoon has arrived, the only one visible in all of 2017. Our satellite has appeared in the sky with dimensions equal to 7% more than the norm and with a brightness 16% higher than the usual one. All thanks to the proximity to our planet: the Moon was found only 357.495 kilometres from us against the usual 384 thousand. Clouds permitting, the show was ensured everywhere.

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In comparison, the smallest full moon as well as the less brilliant 2017, that of June 9, was distant from Earth 406.268 kilometres, that is to say, the full Supermoon on December 3rd is about 50 thousand kilometres closer.

“The Moon describes a markedly elliptical orbit around our planet, so its distance from us is not constant, but it varies between a minimum value (perigee) and a maximum value (apogee)”, explains the astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, responsible of the Virtual Telescope. “Of course, the New Moon is not visible in the sky, so the only observable Supermoon is the full one”.


Check the 15 photos gallery here: >>>>




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