15 prettiest Italian towns for Winter – the first 3

15 prettiest Italian towns for Winter – the first 3.


We have divided this long article in 5 smaller articles. Today we have the first 3 towns.

Snowy mountains, enchanting villages and cities live and dynamic all to enjoy: the best 15 Italian cities to visit in the winter.
The smoke of burning wood rises from the chimneys, the wind brings optimism and love of life and the sky the gentle quiet and softness of the  snow. Or the sun, the high and clear, almost magical of  winter. If you arm yourself of scarves, gloves and hats, cold weather can give you sweet moments and really offer you unique and unexpected views, especially in these 15 beautiful Italian cities we have selected for you. Beautiful places, full of things to see and do in every season. Come and see.


We begin our tour from Sulmona, Abruzzo: home to the famous Latin poet Ovid, this is a city that you fall in love at first sight thanks to a charming old town, intricate lanes and dotted with historic buildings and beautiful churches. The winter atmosphere will make you discover the lesser-known face of the Jousting Carnival and the Running Madonna: walking along the river or in the square, beautiful, set like a jewel between the arches of the elegant medieval aqueduct, will warm your heart, even in winter.

Especially if you do so, to be in the street at sunset, close to your sweetheart, or before dinner, when the scents of the regional cuisine begin to tickle the palate.


The city of Antonelli is beautiful in all seasons and can enjoy life to the fullest, if there is the rain or if there is sun: Torino successfully combines history, culture, entertainment and gastronomy.

From Piazza Vittorio to Piazza San Carlo, you will walk far and wide porches and through city parks and refreshment from the fatigue and cold, a steaming bowl of Gnocchi Castelmagno will make you feel reborn. During the winter do not miss the artist Lights, the artistic  illumination that colors the city, giving it a Christmas atmosphere original and sophisticated.

Madonna di Campiglio

Among the winter destinations for excellence we could not tell you Madonna di Campiglio, famous and very popular ski resort, located between the Brenta Dolomites and the glaciers of Adamello and Presanella.

Winter sports paradise, from sleeddog mountaineering, going for skiing and ice climbing, this typical mountain territory will captivate you for the warm welcome extended to tourists for its natural beauty and landscape, which deserve your visit, especially this season. So close your luggage, Trentino awaits you.

Source: https://www.skyscanner.it/

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