F1 Brazil, Vettel’s Ferrari triumphs

F1 Brazil, Vettel’s Ferrari triumphs


Bottas and Raikkonen on the podium, Hamilton 4th after a superb comeback

Sebastian Vettel wins the Brazil Grand Prix and finds a victory he had missed for almost four months. Ferrari’s German burns Bottas out of the race and runs the race in the best of ways, cutting off the finish line in front of the Finnish’s Mercedes and the other Ferrari of Raikkonen. At the foot of the podium a super Lewis Hamilton, author of a splendid comeback up to fourth place after leaving the pit-lane.

A half smile found again. Ferrari returns to the top of the podium after 7 GP and Vettel finds a win that was missing from the Hungaroring race (it was July 30), putting almost in safe the 2nd place in the top rankings (now 22 points advantage on Bottas). It was perhaps a small achievement, as the world dream had officially blurred in Mexico, but a positive sign looking ahead to 2018. Ferrari is there, and the Interlagos’s race has once more demonstrated how the distance with Mercedes has been practically cancelled in this 2017.

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