Happy birthday, Nicolas Cage: 54 today

Happy birthday, Nicolas Cage: the actor who made himself!

Nicolas Cage: the weight of an important surname

Being born into a family that represents a real institution in the world of cinema, if you want to be an actor it can only be a fortune. But not for Nicolas Cage. Not exactly a son of art, but more than anything else nephew, Nicolas tries from the beginning to establish himself as an actor without resorting to the fame of his surname. The uncle is in fact that Francis Ford Coppola who directed films like The Godfather, Apocalypse Now and Dracula by Bram Stoker, one of the most important exponents of New Hollywood. Here then Nicolas Kim Coppola decides to abandon his surname, with all the expectations but also the privileges it entails, to become Nicolas Cage.

After the divorce of his parents, the young Nicolas grows up with his father, approaching acting at the age of seventeen. A graduate of UCLA, the actor made his film debut in 1982 with Amy Heckerling’s Out of Head, alongside Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Judge Reinhold. The film is not really a success and, taken by despair, Cage decides that the cinema is not his way. He ends up selling popcorn and will be the famous uncle to offer him a second chance, proposing a part in his film Rusty the wild. Cage accepts but only at the cost of appearing with his new surname, so as not to be associated with the famous uncle.

Abandoned popcorn, Nicolas Cage begins a brilliant film career.

In the eighties he took part in several films: from the poetic Birdy – The Wings of Freedom, to the romantic Stregata from the moon next to Cher, but passing through some films directed by his uncle. In 1984 he played in Cotton Club, while in 1986 Charlie Bodell in Peggie Sue got married.
The 2000s, action films and consecration

Now become one of the most popular actors in the world, since 2000 Nicolas Cage has acted in more than forty films. Moving from the many action films, to romantic, dramatic and historical ones, Cage proved to be able to interpret any character. Just think of films like Gone in sixty seconds, The Family Man, Lord of War, World Trade Center and even The Mystery of the Templars, Signals from the Future and Ghost Rider.

A rich and varied career, where Cage was able to interpret very different roles, but above all he managed to establish himself without using his important surname. Once again behind the camera with Sonny in 2002, Cage gave unforgettable performances. Waiting for a return to the big screen, after USS Indianapolis, we just have to do our best wishes to the great Italian-American actor!

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Article written by Margherita Mustari – 7 gennaio 2018

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