Monica Bellucci: “I cheated and I was betrayed”

Monica Bellucci: “I cheated and I was betrayed”


The actress talks about her private life and the love for her  two daughters who “are first and foremost”. “When you have children you should always make sure that it remains a relationship of respect: it is the nature of this energy which then stays alive.” So,  says Monica Bellucci interviewed by the “Corriere della Sera” talking about her former husband, Vincent Cassel, from which she has been separated for three years. The actress, however, will not lean too much on her current relationship status: “That,” she says, “is my secret garden and should remain so. I can say that I am continuing to cultivate my woman’s intimacy.”

Monica Bellucci, a “siren” in Moscow at the premiere of the film “On the milky Road”

Yet even a woman like her, famous, fascinating and beautiful, she has her weaknesses and does not hide that “manage heart and sexuality” is “a real dilemma.” “There is a Gaspar Noé’s film,” she says, “with whom I already worked for Irreversible, which can be considered a porn movie, but it’s also a film about love and the difficulties of managing the feelings for someone and the sexual desire towards others.

The sexual impulses can lead to desires that are sometimes inconsistent with love for another person and do not fit with respect. It is not always easy to reconcile them. And I speak as a woman who has betrayed, and that was betrayed. As a woman who has loved and has beel loved, but also as a woman who has been used as a trophy.”

She also speaks of her being a mother and her everyday life with her daughters: “They are first of all. I feel. I love going to take them to school, to accompany them in the morning, doing homework together, put them to bed. At home we speak Italian, French out, in London English, depends on the context. They know five languages. of course I cook for them! They are the only ones to believe that I’m a good cook. “

Bellucci has always fought for women’s rights, such as when there was the referendum on fertility treatment. On the uterus for rent she says: “Why should not a sister lend her womb to make you happy? And if a stranger gets paidy, but nourishes and love the child as her own, where’s the harm?”. And she concludes: “Love is always the main theme. If you do things with love and for love, all things will go well.”


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