Gianni Bella – Piu ci Penso

Gianni Bella – Piu ci Penso

Singer and guitarist of some catanese groups, at the end of the sixties Gianni Bella moved to Milan following his sister Marcella, who took her first steps as a singer after being noticed by Mike Bongiorno during an evening in Sicily.


For her he composes his first successful single, Hai ragione tu, along with Italo Janne (even if on the disc label it shows oddly as G.Bell). In 1972 Marcella participated at the Sanremo Festival with the song Montagne verdi, written by Gianni and Giancarlo Bigazzi . The text of Montagne verdi was written by Bigazzi expressly for Marcella, thinking of the nostalgia of the girl who had moved to Milan for the mountains around Catania. Marcella herself says that when her brother Gianni made him listen to the guitar for the first time, she was a little disappointed. Gianni did not take it well, but the next morning Marcella thought about it. The reason had remained in mind for the whole night.


With the latter begins an artistic association that will continue throughout the decade. Together they write for Marcella the hits Sun that is born, Sole chenasce, sole chemuore(1972), Un sorriso e poi perdonami (1972), Io domani (1973) e Nessuno mai (1974).

While Marcella prevails among the most successful Italian singers, Gianni, with the help of the author Bigazzi, begins his solo career and immediately gets a good result by participating in “a disc for the summer” 1974 with Più ci penso (which remains from 3 August to 23 November 1974 in the Italian top ten), an event which he returned with less success the following year with Oh mama.



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