Mafia, seized assets for 120 million from the king of optical fibre

Mafia, seized assets for 120 million from the king of optical fibre


The investigations have led to the success of the initiatives of the entrepreneur Calogero Romano to the relationships of connivance entertained with prominent members of Cosa Nostra in the Agrigento area.

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Italian Financial Police have seized assets worth over 120 million euros from the entrepreneur from Agrigento Calogero Romano, owner of numerous companies operating in the telecommunications and optical fiber sectors. Romano is also active in the construction industry and is the owner of an autodrome. The seizure order was issued on the advice of the Palermo Public Prosecutor, who accuses the entrepreneur of having been in business with Cosa Nostra.


In 2016, Romano had been sentenced by the Court of Agrigento to 6 years and 6 months of imprisonment for external competition in the Mafia association, for having contributed “to the strengthening of Cosa Nostra, although not forming part of it”, until his main point of reference, the mafia Ignazio Gagliardo, did not begin to collaborate with justice.To unveil the pact between Romano and the families of Cosa Nostra agrigentina was the repentant Maurizio Di Gati: “He made himself available to hire personnel indicated by us.The agreements were that we would be occult partners, both in the company of electric wires and in the company that had to build the racetrack in Racalmuto, and we would have divided the profits “. The financiers believe they have found the evidence to the accusations: from the analysis emerged a hole of 4 million euros, of which the origin is unknown and that could be the money paid by the mafia members.

For over twenty years, Romano has benefited from the support and protection of members of the Racalmuto family, in order to obtain advantages for their businesses. Activities that, thanks to the unconditional support of prominent members of Cosa Nostra Agrigento, has further developed and has been diversified, expanding the galaxy of the economic interests of Romano.With the consent of Giuseppe Falsone, the boss of Campobello di Licata, considered in the past the head of Cosa Nostra agrigentina, Calogero Romano has provided the companies related to two members of the mafia family of Canicattì the concrete necessary for the construction of a shopping center between the cities of Agrigento and Caltanissetta.

The financiers also ascertained how for the construction of the shopping center, Romano has made systematic recourse to false billing of concrete supplies, in order to pre-establish “black funds” necessary for the maintenance of the mafia family of Canicattì. The assets seized include 10 companies, including 2 individual companies and 8 companies, dozens of vehicles, 16 bank accounts, 119 properties (between land and housing).



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